CI – Counter-Intelligence Services

  • Ability to Initiate counterintelligence assessments, analytical reports, country assessments, biographies of foreign political and military leaders, and country books to provide the threat posed by a FIE or support CI operations.
  • Extensive contacts throughout U.S. Embassy country teams and Combatant Command (COCOM) staff to obtain current criminal, terrorist, and foreign intelligence threat information. Collaborate and coordinate CI analysis with US Embassy Teams & Regional Security Officers, COCOM CI Staff Officers (CISO), Military Department & Military Service Intelligence and CI Production Centers, Intelligence Community CI elements, and Defense Intelligence Agency responsible offices.
  • Conduct foreign entity checks using available CI and LE community databases. Create, Initiate, and maintain a database of the results from the foreign entity checks.
  • Expertise in identifying, evaluating, and analyzing trends and patterns of foreign intelligence and security services, terrorists, international criminal activities.
  • Assist in researching and preparing analysis with supporting documentation on-site with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Threat Analysis Center and Office of National CI Executive Acquisition Risk Directorate (ARD) for RDA and SCRM programs.
  • Prepare CI assessments, analytical reports, briefings, snapshots, bulletins, notes, information papers, executive correspondence, and other special reports.